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Are Lip Fillers painful?

Are Lip Fillers painful?

A common question however we get asked at the Newcastle cosmetic clinic is – are lip fillers painful?

Filler is a clear gel made up of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. It can be used to enhance both the size and the definition of the lips in a relatively simple safe procedure commonly known as lip filler.

With skill and experience the results of this can be very natural enhancing the shape and size of our own lips without distorting them to the extent commonly seen on social media. All of this can be discussed at our Newcastle cosmetic clinic whereby a detailed cosmetic consultation will inform you of the procedure

Lip filler Newcastle

A common question however we get asked at the Newcastle cosmetic clinic is – are lip fillers painful?

The answer to this is they don’t have to be. Common methods which don’t utilise the tricks discussed in this article can make the procedure very uncomfortable however with experience and research Dr Kane has come up with various methods that actually make the procedure very manageable and almost pain free.

It is very important to us at the Newcastle cosmetic clinic that the patient feels as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Especially as more and more patients are coming to us reporting very bad experiences elsewhere from non-medical injectors performing the treatments

So how is pain for lip fillers minimized?

· Firstly thick layer of numbing cream is used and applied for approximately 20 minutes before injections. This greatly reduces sensation to the lip and the surrounding areas for the duration of the treatment.

· After numbing the skin numbing injections are then used to numb the areas that we inject. This again greatly reduces all sensation to the lips and surrounding areas which makes the lip filler procedure a lot more comfortable.

· The lip filler technique also plays a significant part in the comfort of the procedure. At Dr Kane’s Newcastle Cosmetic clinic our doctors are highly trained and proficient in the cannula technique. This is a method which allows for natural placement of the lip filler to enhance the lips qualities. Using a cannula gently in the lip greatly reduces pain and downtime of the procedure whilst massively improving the procedures safety profile

· The Filler used, premium Juvéderm vyrcoss also contains a numbing agent. This means that as the procedure goes on then the even number the area gets and the more comfort you will feel.

· Time. At Dr Kane’s Newcastle Cosmetic clinic we ensure all appointment times are bespoke to allow maximum care and comfort to the patient. This slow and steady approach again massively improves the experience of the lip filler treatment making it a lot more comfortable

lip fillers Newcastle

So are lip fillers painful?

These methods make the lip filler procedure an overall very comfortable experience for the patient. If you would like to discuss lip fillers in Newcastle with Dr Kane then please feel free to book a free consultation at our Jesmond based Newcastle Cosmetic clinic. At the consultation we can discuss in detail treatment goals as well as explaining in depth what the lip filler procedure entails. We also have the option for an online consultation where again we can discuss your treatment options in detail.

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