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Are you bothered by dark circles and the appearance of tiredness underneath your eyes? Ageing often leads to volume loss and hollowing in the tear trough, the delicate under-eye area between the lower eyelid and cheek. At Dr Kane Aesthetics Co, we offer specialised tear trough treatment to refresh and rejuvenate your eyes.

Our advanced under eye filler techniques target the tear trough, filling the hollowness and minimises the appearance of dark circles. The result? A youthful, vibrant gaze that radiates confidence.

The tear trough is an extremely delicate area, and its treatment requires precision and care. It is important to note that not everyone is suitable for tear trough treatment and its extremely important that cases are selected correctly. That’s why a thorough consultation with our experienced clinicians is vital to assess your suitability for treatment. We will carefully analyse your undereye, ensuring that your tear trough filler is tailored and suitable just for you.

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Treatment considerations

Number of treatments

1-2 sessions


Procedure time

30-60 minutes

Duration of results

Approx. 12 months


Numing cream / Numbing injections

Risks & complications

Bruises, swelling, infection, occlusion

Used to treat

Under eye hollowing


No makeup, alcohol or exercise for 24 hours


Within 2-4 weeks

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Tear Trough Filler
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Tear trough filler FAQs

Will I be suitable for tear trough?

Suitability for tear trough treatment is determined on a case by case basis, and a thorough assessment will be made during your consultation. However, there are certain conditions that might make you ineligible for this treatment, including:

  • Consistent undereye Swelling or Puffiness: If you frequently experience swelling or puffiness under your eyes, this is likely to be a contraindication for tear trough treatment.
  • Pigmentation Concerns: If your primary concern is the pigment of the under eye, please note that tear trough filler does not alter under-eye pigment, so this treatment might not address your specific needs.
  • Skin Inelasticity: If the skin under your eyes lacks elasticity, this may also affect your suitability for the treatment.

Our experienced Aesthetic doctors will thoroughly evaluate your specific situation during the consultation to determine if tear trough treatment is the right option for you.

Does tear trough filler treat puffy eye bags?
Tear trough filler is specially designed to treat and enhance the volume loss in the tear trough region, revitalising the appearance of the under-eye area. However, it’s important to note that this treatment may not be an effective or safe solution for puffy eye bags. If you’re uncertain about your suitability for tear trough filler or have concerns about puffy eye bags, we invite you to reach out to us. We’d be delighted to examine the area and discuss your options during a personalised consultation.
Does tear trough improve the dark circles?
Tear trough treatment is effective at treating and improving the volume loss in the tear trough region – this volume loss can cast shadows in the under eye making it appear darker. It’s important to understand, though, that the tear trough filler itself does not alter the pigment of the under eye; the pigment will remain unchanged even after a successful treatment.
Will the tear trough be treated directly?
This can be discussed at consultation however Dr. Kane will assess what will achieve optimum results for your face. To optimise clinical outcomes, it may sometimes be necessary to treat the cheek fat before directly addressing the tear trough. This comprehensive approach ensures a harmonious and natural enhancement, tailored specifically to you.
What brand of filler do you use?
We use the premium filler brand Juvederm Vycross to ensure natural, reliable results.
Will tear trough filler hurt?
This area is not usually sensitive however the sensation of a cannula here can feel strange if you are new to treatment. Dr Kane has also developed a number of methods to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Numbing cream Is used as well as potentially injecting a small amount of numbing agent into the area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
What is the downtime to tear trough filler?
There is no specific downtime to the procedure itself. Rarely there can be a small amount of swelling for the first day or two but not to the extent were it would prohibit daily activities. Very rarely bruising can occur around the area treated.
How long will the tear trough treatment last?
The results will last approximately 12 months

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