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Banish downturned mouth corners and marionette lines with Dr. Kane Aesthetics Co.’s precise treatment. Whether by direct injections or a holistic approach, we’ll tailor an approach that softens and rejuvenates your appearance, enhancing the natural you.

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As we age, the corners of our mouths can begin to turn downwards, accompanied by the formation of a line that extends down to our jawline. This area, known as the marionette, can also become more pronounced and wrinkled as we move our mouth. The good news is that by injecting dermal filler into the marionette area, we can achieve a natural and rejuvenated appearance around the mouth, as well as softening the marionette line that has formed in the area.

There are two methods to treat the marionette area – directly or indirectly. Indirect marionette treatment (see non-surgical facelift) involves assessing the entire face for any volume loss that may have occurred as a result of the aging process. By filling these areas, we can achieve a lift higher up and further back in the face, which can effectively soften the marionette lines.

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Treatment considerations

Number of treatments

From 1 session


Procedure time

30-60 minutes

Duration of results

Approx. 12 months


Numbing cream / numbing injections

Risks & complications

Bruises, swelling, infection, occlusion

Used to treat

Downturned corner of mouth/ marionette lines


No makeup, alcohol or exercise for 24 hours


Within 1-2 weeks

Filler treatments

Complementary 45 minute consultation

In some cases, we may choose to treat the marionette area directly for a variety of reasons.

This involves injecting the dermal filler directly around the marionette line, resulting in an improved skin texture and a softened appearance of the line. Dr. Kane Aesthetics Co. provides a complimentary 45-minute consultation where we can evaluate and discuss which option is most suitable for your needs.

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Marionette Filler
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Marionette treatment FAQs

What are marionette lines?
Marionettes are lines that appear at the corners of the mouth, extending downward towards the chin, often giving a downward appearance of the mouth. These lines form primarily due to the natural aging process, which leads to a decrease in collagen and elastin, causing a loss of skin volume and elasticity. Other contributing factors include genetic predisposition, sun exposure, smoking, and repeated facial expressions. Over time, these factors can cause the skin to crease and sag, accentuating the appearance of marionette lines.
Will the marionette lines be treated directly?
This can be discussed at consultation however Dr. Kane will assess what will achieve optimum results for your face. Your mid face structure will be initially assessed and if there is deemed to be significant volume loss in this area then Dr. Kane may suggest treating this area first to achieve a more natural lift before treating the marionette folds directly.
Does marionette filler hurt?
This area is not usually sensitive. In addition Dr Kane has developed a number of methods to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Numbing cream Is used as well as potentially injecting a small amount of numbing agent into the area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
What is the downtime to marionette treatment?
There is no specific downtime to the procedure itself. Rarely there can be a small amount of swelling for the first day or two but not to the extent were it would prohibit daily activities
How long will the treatment last?
The results will last approximately 9-12 months
What brand of filler do you use?
We use the premium filler brand Juvederm Vycross to ensure natural, reliable results.
Will a cannula or needle be used to treat the downturned corners of the mouth?
To optimise clinical outcomes and safety a cannula is used in this area to achieve optimal results.

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