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Naturally address signs of ageing such a lines, wrinkles and volume loss with dermal fillers. At Dr Kane Aesthetics Co. we offer expert, tailored advice of which areas can be subtly tweaked to achieve a natural rejuvenation. 

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Subtle Enhancement Dermal Fillers

Fillers in expert hands achieve extremely natural results. They are designed to restore volume and structure lost to ageing. Strategically placed, fillers can rejuvenate areas with volume loss, softening lines and wrinkles and providing a subtle lift. This can also enhance features like nose-to-mouth lines and jowls. Popular treatments include addressing volume loss in the under eye, subtly enhancing the lip’s volume and definition and balancing the facial profile by treating areas such as the chin. 

During each appointment, we conduct a thorough facial assessment to precisely identify areas of volume loss and determine the optimal treatment plan for natural looking results. By targeting these areas, we can significantly enhance the overall appearance of the face, achieving  a non-surgical facelift‘. At Dr. Kane Aesthetics Co. we use premium Juvederm fillers, known for their natural-looking outcomes that typically last around 12 months.

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A Holistic Approach 

By integrating fillers with radio frequency based treatments such as the Morpheus 8 or BTL Exilis, we can amplify the holistic ‘full face’ effect. This approach not only treats and tightens the skin but also addresses volume loss, effectively targeting and reversing the aging process.

This unique combination provides a complimentary enhancement, treating the skin texture and offering a more dramatic lift and youthful contour. For those seeking a comprehensive and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, our combination treatments incorporating both these procedures represents the pinnacle of non-surgical aesthetics.

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Why choose Dr Kane Aesthetics Co. for your next treatment?

Dr. Kane Aesthetics Co. in Newcastle is an award-winning clinic renowned for its industry-leading treatments bespoke to you

We emphasise natural, efficient, and safe outcomes tailored to your unique needs, and every treatment includes a review to ensure treatment satisfaction.

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Safe and effective treatments at Dr Kane Aesthetics Co.

At Dr. Kane Aesthetics Co., ensuring patient safety is at the forefront of our care. Only our well-experienced and highly credentialed aesthetic doctors are entrusted with administering Antiwrinkle treatments and dermal filler injections.

Each patient receives a comprehensive consultation prior to any Antiwrinkle treatments or dermal filler procedure, and treatments are always reviewed to ensure patient satisfaction.

Furthermore we have a 24/7 hotline for patient related concerns


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Filler treatments

Treatment considerations

Number of treatments

1-2 sessions


Procedure time

30-60 minutes

Duration of results

Approx. 12 months


Numbing cream / numbing injections

Risks & complications

Bruises, swelling, infection, occlusion

Used to treat

Natural full face rejuvenation


No makeup, alcohol or exercise for 24 hours


Within 1-2 weeks

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Filler treatments

Dermal filler treatment FAQs

Can I still look natural with dermal fillers?

At Dr. Kane Aesthetics Co., we prioritise enhancing your natural beauty with subtle aesthetic treatments. We avoid overdone results and embrace a conservative approach for a soft, natural rejuvenation.

Who is a good candidate for full face rejuvenation a.k.a a liquid facelift?

Someone who is starting to see the signs of ageing such a volume loss, wrinkles, and fine lines. As well as someone who is not ready for a surgical facelift either because of the cost, risk, the length of downtime or pain.

How long is the downtime for dermal fillers?

There is minimal recovery time following dermal fillers. You may see swelling, bruising or redness at the sites of injection but this usually reduces after a few days. Most patients can return to work immediately after the procedure.

How long do filler results last?

Results will differ from person to person due to different factors such as how quickly your body metabolises filler, the areas treated, and skin quality. Usually results will last around 12 months.

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