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Bespoke Facial Asthetics

Dr Andrew Kane is looking to revolutionise the Aesthetics Industry, providing modern natural treatments bespoke to you.

We take a holistic approach to Aesthetics; our treatments are tailored to the individual.

Book a free consultation and discover how we can help you to achieve the Aesthetic results you want.

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Premium Cosmetic Clinic In Newcastle

Dr Andrew has trained and worked with a variety of industry experts from across the UK. Refining a technique that delivers consistent natural results

Dr Andrew Kane has completed the level 7 PG Dip in injectables, the highest standard of training available in the UK. In addition to running clinics Dr Kane also teaches at a prestigious London training academy. .

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Separating Fake from Natural
We are all about natural enhancements ...

Our mission is to raise the standards of Aesthetic results and to educate the public on the benefits of safely and expertly performed injectable treatments. 

Alongside that we believe in delivering subtle natural enhancements - assessing YOUR face and delivering a treatment plan for YOU



I recently visited Dr Andrew Kane for Treatment and was impressed by his knowledge when explaining the procedure of the treatment along with my thorough consultation whilst putting me at ease, as this was my first injectable treatment. The final results were amazing and I am so excited to finish the rest of my Treatment journey with trust and confidence that my results will hit all my expectations with Dr Kane! Thanks again!


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