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We are an award-winning cosmetics clinic revered for its gold-standard in excellence, clinical safety, and natural looking aesthetic results.

We take pride in delivering expertly-crafted, non-surgical cosmetic treatments to individuals of all ages, all aiming to accentuate their inherent beauty and inspire self-confidence.

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What drives us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone is beautifully unique, and our treatments should reflect and enhance this uniqueness.

We’re not here to change you; instead, we strive to subtly highlight and augment your natural beauty, providing results that radiate a graceful balance of subtlety and transformation.

Our ultimate goal is to help you look and feel your best in your own skin.

Our founder

Meet Dr. Andrew Kane

The clinic’s heartbeat is our founder, Dr Andrew Kane, an award winning aesthetic doctor and clinical trainer with a previous background in dental surgery. With years of hands-on experience in advanced injectable treatments and cosmetic dermatology, Dr Kane brings his passion for the most modern injectable techniques to our clinic.

Dr. Kane holds a distinguished position within the aesthetics industry, earning a Level 7 qualification in Aesthetic Injectable treatments, a credential equivocal to a master’s degree, showcasing his expertise and dedication. His influence extends beyond our clinic, with notable contributions at globally recognised conferences and advisory roles for prominent aesthetic pharmaceutical companies. This respect within the industry underscores his mastery and commitment to aesthetic medicine.

But Dr Kane’s expertise isn’t confined to our clinic. He’s also a revered aesthetics trainer for Harley Academy in London, where he cultivates the skills of future industry leaders.

Meet us

Our Team

At Dr. Kane Aesthetics Co., our team consists of highly trained experts, each bringing vast knowledge and hands-on experience in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Guided by Dr. Kane, our staff focuses on delivering safe and natural-looking results that amplify your inherent beauty.

All of our injectable treatments are carried out by highly skilled aesthetic doctors who are Level 7 qualified in aesthetic medicine, ensuring the highest standards in clinical safety and results. We all share a dedication to ongoing education and mastery of the latest industry advancements. This commitment allows us to deliver innovative, effective treatments with the level of artistry and precision you deserve.

The clinic

Experience Our Newcastle Clinic

Our clinic, designed for an optimum patient experience, exemplifies clinical excellence wrapped in luxury.

We’ve carefully chosen a discrete location with on-site parking and decorated it with state-of-the-art facilities. With a focus on your comfort and results, we use only premium, high-quality products that guarantee a natural, subtle transformation.

The experience at Dr Kane Aesthetics Co. is more than a treatment. It’s a journey – a luxurious, enjoyable one, designed to make you feel at home while you enhance your beauty.


Our awards

We take pride in our achievements, reflecting our dedication and unparalleled skills. Our clinic has been honoured with numerous local and national awards and nominations, including the Best North East Cosmetic Clinic, Outstanding New Clinic, Best Non-Surgical Result and Rising Star of the industry. These accolades validate our commitment to you and your satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

We promise the highest quality injectable and skin treatments. All injectable treatments will be delivered by a medical professional with level 7 postgraduate qualifications in aesthetic medicine. We ensure the best aesthetics results possible for you, with a focus on safety and appropriate medical and psychological health.

Our clinic offers 24/7 accessibility via a hotline, connecting you with a medical practitioner within hours, should you need post-treatment advice.

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