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Are jowls reversible?

Are jowls reversible?

Changes in the face are inevitable as we age and the skin is one of the first organs of the body to show outward signs of ageing. Unfortunately as we age the skin tends to get thin, sag and lose its elasticity.

This can lead to changes of facial features in different areas of our face. One such issue is jowls which appear as sagging bags of skin along our jawline which is a common oncern at our Newcastle cosmetic clinc. Thankfully treatments are available to help improve these areas by treating the area both directly and indirectly.

What are jowls and why do they develop?

Jowls are the sagging skin that appear along our jawline as we age. This happens as the skin starts to lose its elasticity and the fat in our face starts to descend due to lack of support in the area. As the ageing process continues this tends to get worse and worse.

Volume loss in other areas of the face also contribute to a general sagging of the face which tends to have the largest effect on the jowls. The development of jowls can also be influenced by genetics, smoking and sun damage.

Is there really a non-surgical way to reduce jowls?

The important question we get asked daily at our Newcastle cosmetic clinic in regards to jowl treatment is “ is there a way to get rid of drooping jawline without surgery?” Thankfully the answer in most mild to moderate cases is yes.

Dermal fillers can be used to either indirectly treating the area – addressing each area of volume loss in the face which essentially results in a non-surgical facelift – Dr Andrew’s favorite treatment which he has been nationally recognized for. The other option in more mild cases is using jowl filler to treat the area directly to help blend in and disguise the jaw.

Is jowl filler safe?

Because of its minimally invasive approach, non-surgical facelift is generally very safe especially when compared to surgical options. The fillers that we use are broken down naturally by the body over a period of nine to twelve months.

To make this a pain free experience for you we use various techniques such as applying a numbing cream or giving a local anesthetic. Mild swelling is a common side effect is likely to reduce in a week or two. There is no specific downtime after treatment, and most people can go about their daily lives as usual (albeit with some swelling and bruising).

Are you a good candidate for a non-surgical facelift or jowl treatment in Newcastle?

If you are concerned that your skin is sagging or there you feel there is excess skin accumulating on your jawline then having a consultation at our Newcastle clinic would be a good initial step to examine the face in depth and discuss whether jowl filler or non-surgical facelift would be suited.

Final thoughts

Jowls are reversible through a variety of jowl treatment methods available at Dr Andrew Kane’s Newcastle cosmetic clinic. Jowl filler can be used to treat the area directly or alternately a non-surgical facelift approach can be used to refresh the whole face whilst also improving the jowls.

If you would like us to assess your bespoke problems and to discuss jowl treatments in our Newcastle cosmetic clinic book in for a free consultation with Dr Kane

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