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Are Frown Lines Permanent?

Frown line treatment is an extremely popular request in our Newcastle cosmetic clinic. This article will explore everything you need to know about frown lines and frown line treatment.

No one likes to look angry and frustrated all the time, do you think your frown lines are giving you a hard time and affecting your image? Are you worried that you are stuck with them and they cant be removed?

Don’t worry, there is a quick, safe and effective way we can improve the frown lines which we will explore in this article. We do not just help your frown lines but can also address all your ageing concerns. Dr Andrew at his flagship Newcastle cosmetic clinic specilises in helping to reverse the signs of ageing. Dr Andrew’s Cosmetic clinic in Newcastle offers micro-needling and anti-wrinkle injections for your frown line treatment, crows feet treatmemnt and forehead lines treatment. Antiwrinkle injections and microneedling (skinpen) are quick, relatively pain free nonsurgical procedures which are also very safe!

frown line treatment Newcastle
Dr Andrew teaching at Harley Academy in London

What are frown lines?

Frown lines are deep wrinkles on your forehead, between your eyes that are, as you guessed, caused by excessive frowning. Although ageing plays a major role in skin wrinkling in general, repeated expressions like scowling, eye squinting, frowning, and even yawning can cause frown lines. Young people with frown lines are often rather expressive individuals but may also have an underlying genetic cause. Frown lines are a concern we deal with a lot in our Newcastle cosmetic clinic.

What causes frown lines?

Frown lines are caused by ageing, which means that the fibres responsible for maintaining a healthy, elastic skin break down over time. These are collagen and elastin fibres. When they deteriorate, primarily due to excessive stretching and pulling, they cause the skin to sag and wrinkle, causing frown lines (if frowning is something you often do). Although proper skincare can go a long way, is there anything you can do to remove your frown lines, or are they permanent?

Are frown lines permanent?

A lot of patients in our Newcastle cosmetic clinic find these frown lines unattractive. So are they here to stay, or can you wave them goodbye? The answer to this question lies between a yes and no. Some cases they will go completely, While others who have deeper more static lines can’t be entirely removed, they can be so reduced that you won’t feel or see them. And you will, of course, lose your angry expression, so it’s a win-win situation. Dr Andrew at the Newcastle cosmtic clinic can advise what frown line treatments are best suited to you.

How can you get rid of your frown lines non-surgically?

There is a quick and safe nonsurgical way that we can removal of frown lines. Safe procedures like micro-needling and anti-wrinkle injections are available, which are low-risk yet highly effective in giving you the best aesthetics. However, the safety factor also depends on the person performing the procedure. You can leave these worries at our clinic in Newcastle, as Dr Andrew Kane is a highly expeerciened clinician and clinical trainer.

Let us look more into what anti-wrinkle injections and micro-needling are and how they work.

What are anti-wrinkle injections and micro-needling?

Anti-wrinkle injections are injections that help to relax the contracted muscle fibres causing frown lines. Although this is often used to remove frown lines, it can also prevent wrinkles. This can slow down the ageing process and make you appear young. Some patients need 3-4 treatments to see the results for anti-wrinkle procedures, while others require only one. Results mostly last 3-4 months.

Micro-needling actually follows a counterintuitive approach. Your skin is injured with tiny, sterilized needles which break collagen and elastin fibres. This encourages your skin to make new fibres. The new collagen and elastin fibres are healthier, firmer, and more elastic. This helps to remove frown lines and give you more refined, younger skin.

Both these procedures are short and low-risk. Also, they have a short downtime, so your daily activities won’t be significantly affected. To know which treatment is best for you, or to book an appointment, visit our Newcastle clinic where you can safely hand over all your skincare needs to us.

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