Smoker Lines Treatment In Newcastle

Vertical lines above the lips sometimes referred to as ‘smokers’ lines or ‘barcode’ lines are a common problem that often appear with age. 

Over time the fat in this area sitting in between the skin and the muscle becomes thinner, this results in the muscle movements becoming more visible on the skin surface therefore making the lines more pronounced.

Filler can be used to soften and improve these lines. I find that a two stage technique involving needle and cannula gives an optimised natural result. This also helps to reduce the risk of complications and bruising. 


The filler that we use is then eventually naturally broken down by the body over the course of approximately to 9 - 12 months 


Will it hurt? 


Although the lip region has a reputation for being an uncomfortable treatment Dr Kane has developed a number of methods to make the procedure more comfortable. Numbing cream Is used as well as injecting a small amount of numbing agent into the area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

What is the downtime to the procedure?


There is no specific downtime to the procedure itself. Rarely there can be a small amount of swelling for the first day or two but not to the extent were it would prohibit daily activities 


How long will the treatment last?  

The results will last approximately 9-12 months 


Will the lines disappear completely?


This can be discussed at consultation however it is often difficult to eliminate the lines completely. Sometimes additional treatment modalities may be offered such as peels, micro-needling, or muscle relaxing injections depending on the severity of the lines.

Price - £325

before and after treatment of smokerlines in newcastle