Marionette Treatment in Newcastle

The corners of our mouths start to become downturned with age, alongside this a line that stretches down to our jawline can develop. This area referred to as the marionette can be rejuvenated using dermal filler. 

When deciding on an individualised treatment plan we initially assess if there are other areas of the face that could provide lift. After this assessment we can either make a full face treatment plan or look to treat the marionette area directly.


The filler that we use is then eventually naturally broken down by the body over the course of approximately to 9-12 months 


Will this area be treated directly?


This can be discussed at consultation however Dr. Kane will assess what will achieve optimum results for your face. Your mid face will be initially assessed and if there is deemed to be significant volume loss in this area then Dr. Kane may suggest treating this area first to achieve a more natural lift before treating the marionettel folds directly.

Will it hurt? 


This area is not usually sensitive. In addition Dr Kane has developed a number of methods to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Numbing cream Is used as well as potentially injecting a small amount of numbing agent into the area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

What is the downtime to the procedure?


There is no specific downtime to the procedure itself. Rarely there can be a small amount of swelling for the first day or two but not to the extent were it would prohibit daily activities 


How long will the treatment last?  

The results will last approximately 9-12 months 


Will a cannula or needle be used?


To optimise clinical outcomes and safety a cannula is used in this area to achieve optimal results. 

Price - from £295