Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Anti wrinkle injections are one of the most effective treatment methods to both improve and prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Over time the repeated movement of our muscles such as the frown muscle starts to cause creases in the skin. These lines then worsen over time and can start to be an ageing feature of the face (for example the '11' lines that start to appear). Anti wrinkle injections help to relax these muscles meaning they can no longer form the creases in the skin meaning the wrinkles improve over time. 

The most effective area for this treatment is the upper third of the face where frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet can all be improved. The results generally last around 3 months depending on individual factors such as lifestyle and genetics.

The consultation for this treatment is key as each area needs to be carefully assessed and the treatment individually tailored to give the desired results and avoid complications. For this reason at Dr Andrew's cosmetic clinic we offer a free 60 minute consultation where we will analyse all your concerns as well as assess the face as a whole to advise on the treatments that would suit you best. .

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Dr Andrew Kane offers a variety of advanced, full face cosmetic treatments designed to give a natural looking rejuvenation to the face.


A highly experienced, award winning aesthetics doctor and clinical trainer, Dr Andrew operates out of his state of the art, flagship Jesmond clinic in addition to teaching in London.


A thorough consultation will allow us to create a bespoke plan tailored for you. 


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I recently visited Dr Andrew Kane for Treatment and was impressed by his knowledge when explaining the procedure of the treatment along with my thorough consultation whilst putting me at ease, as this was my first injectable treatment. The final results were amazing and I am so excited to finish the rest of my Treatment journey with trust and confidence that my results will hit all my expectations with Dr Kane! Thanks again!


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