Anti-wrinkle (Botox®) Treatment in Newcastle

Anti wrinkle injections (Botox) are one of the most effective treatment methods to both improve and prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Over time the repeated movement of our muscles such as the frown muscle starts to cause creases in the skin. These lines then worsen over time and can start to be an ageing feature of the face (for example the '11' lines that start to appear). Botox helps to relax these muscles meaning they can no longer form the creases in the skin meaning the wrinkles improve over time. 

The most effective area for this treatment is the upper third of the face where frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet can all be improved. The results generally last around 3 months depending on individual factors such as lifestyle and genetics.


The consultation for this treatment is key as each area needs to be carefully assessed and the treatment individually tailored to give the desired results and avoid complications. For this reason at Dr Andrew's cosmetic clinic we offer a free 60 minute consultation where we will analyse all your concerns as well as assess the face as a whole to advise on the treatments that would suit you best. .

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Are Anti-wrinkle injections painful ? 

The short answer is no. Anti-wrinkle treatments involve the use of a tiny 'invisible' needle which can barely be felt. The procedure itself takes about 5-10 minutes in total

Are frown lines permanent?

Antiwrinkle injections help to relax the frown muscle which in turn softens the frown lines. If your frown lines are very deep sometimes multiple treatments will be needed to completely soften the lines however for most people they usually greatly improve after just one treatment. This can be discussed with Dr Kane at your consultation. 

What is the downtime of Anti-wrinkle injections?


Anti-wrinkle injections involve no downtime. Small red marks at the injection site subside after 20-40 minutes after which the skin will return to normal. 


How long will Anti-wrinkle injections last?  

This varies based on a variety of factors including lifestyle, exercise and genetics however for most people anti-wrinkle injections will tend to last between 3-4 months. 


Can a brow lift be achieved?


This can be discussed at consultation however Dr. Kane will assess what will achieve optimum results for your face. A brow lift can however usually be achieved

Price - from £185